5 tips to a happy marriage

My husband and I got married about two and a half years ago, which I guess hardly makes me an expert on marriage advice, we have however been together for almost 11 years. We started dating when I was 15 and he moved in to my parents house when I was 16. When we were 20 we got our first place together and got married at 24. People often ask me “what married life is like” and my response is always the same: “the same as it was before”. See once you are together for a decade especially growing together like we had not much changes after marriage. We are still just as happy and in love as we were when we started dating and below are the reasons why.

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Why you should ditch the junk drawer

Many people have one, that never-stays-organized-catch-all drawer. I haven’t had a junk drawer in 4  years and I am loving life without it. Now you may be wondering, “but where will I store my papers & batteries & whatever other miscellaneous items that go in that drawer”  What if I told you that that catch all drawer was not necessary and it is possible to find an organized way to store those items?

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Year in Quarters

As I mentioned in last week’s post my annual shopping plan is in two parts, the first being my important dates list which I wrote about last Wednesday and the second, which is today’s topic is dividing the year into quarters. By doing this I have everything in advance, I’m never stress about birthdays or anniversaries and it keeps everything all organized. No last minute gift planning here. I print off my sheets and add them to my life binder and i’m good to go.

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Creating a new year exercise routine

So many people have the New Year’s resolution to lose weight, to be healthier, to exercise more, but how many actually stick to it after a week or a month? not many. One way to stick to a resolution is to follow the SMART steps and also by making it a routine which is only a 2 step process.. Plan it & schedule it. After about a month it will become not only routine but habit and if you miss a day you will feel it. Continue reading