Creating a portable beauty kit

It’s week #2 in the “purse must have” series. Last week we made an portable first aid kit this week we are doing a beauty kit. Have you ever realized you needed a bobby pin but there was none in sight? That kind of situation is what this kit is for.

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72 emergency kit

So in the emergency series so far I have discussed your vehicle emergency kit and pet emergency kit but what about the most discussed emergency kit- the 72 hour kit. We recently had a horrible ice storm in my province, luckily my area was not really effected but there were parts that had no power for a week or more, in the middle of winter, supplies had to be brought in my the military and redcross is aiding those who need it. If something like that happens in your area, don’t you want to be prepared?

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Emergency Preparedness #2- Are your pets prepared

I don’t have any kids but my husband and I have four cats who we love more than anything in the world. People (especially those with kids) often get a look of judgment when I say they are like my children. My response is I witnessed two of them being born, I cannot pee or bath in peace, they depend on me for food & shelter, sometime they get rambunctious and keep me up all night; to me they are children. So if there is an emergency I need the peace of mind that they are going to be okay as well. You’ve probably heard of the 72 hour emergency kit for families but have you ever heard of the 72 pet emergency kit?

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