5 ideas for Christmas eve routines

When you get older Christmas tends to lose some of it’s magic but it doesn’t have to. It is a time that can bring people together instead of just stressing them out. The following Christmas eve routines can work for couples with or without children


  1. Ornament Swap– This year was the second year my husband and I have done an ornament swap. The ornaments can be something special about the previous year, your relationship or just something that represents the other person. (for example: I like to recieve ornaments based on the year’s movies 2015 I got a storm trooper in a santa hat |Rogue One| and 2016 I got a batman |BvS|  whereas my husband is a huge hockey fan and I usually get him Montreal Canadiens ornaments.
  2. Bake Together–This one isn’t for all couples however my husband and I both enjoy baking so this one is great for us. I do advanced baking (for the baking i’m giving for gifts) & on Christmas Eve we bake together for Christmas Dinner.
  3. Play in the snow– This one is obviously also not for everyone (i.e. me) I hate the snow, also depending on where you live it may also be impossible. But some couples enjoy making snowmen, snow angels or having snowball fights, if that’s your thing make it an annual tradition.
  4. Watch a Christmas Movie– Or make a marathon out of it, whichever works best for you and your situation. Sit back cuddle and watch your favourite christmas movie.. to make it even better choose the same movie to watch each year (ie. we watch Jack Frost [my favourite] & The Santa Clause [my husband’s favourite]every Christmas eve)
  5. Game Night w/ Hot Chocolate–My family is big on game nights we pretty much do them whenever there is an excuse. If you want to try it to hop into your PJs get out your Monopoly board and have fun.

These are my suggestions for Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples. Do you and your SO have any special traditions? would love to hear about them in the comments. 


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