5 Benefits of reading

One of my personal development goals for 2017 is to read more, one because I enjoy it and two because it has many benefits to health and personal development. What are these benefits? I am about to tell you.

one. Stimulates the Mind– Decreased chances and even prevention of alzheimers & dementia[ puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku and logic problems also have similar effects] . The brain is a muscle and reading is it’s exercise. Like any muscle if you don’t use it you lose it.

two. Reduces Stress– Have you ever got so into a book that everything just melts away and you get lost in the story? If not I truly feel for you. Reading can be a great escape from the stresses of life and for a period of time you have no worries besides what is going on in the world you are engrossed in.

three. Increases Knowledge– Even if you are reading non-fiction there is an increase in knowledge that comes from reading. All fiction is based in fact so soak up that knowledge. If you can bring yourself to do it even read some non-fiction every once in a while.

four. Enhanced Vocabulary– Many children learn new words through reading so the same can go for adults. The more you read, the more words you know. It works out great for your professional life to have an enhanced vocabulary.

five. Improved Memory– When you create new memories you are also strengthening the part of the brain that houses memory which will make it easier to store more information in the future. Reading creates many memories about the characters, their histories, the plots etc. therefore creating a stronger brain (see #1)

There are many more benefits to reading such as entertainment, relaxation, etc.

Why do you read? What benefits have you seen? let me know in the comments. 


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