5 Tips to Hosting a Stress-free Christmas

I am from quite a large family which means quite a few Christmas festivities. We essentially have 3 Christmases every year at minimum; one at my paternal grandfathers, one at my parent’s house and one at my house. So while I’m trying to juggle where I have to be when I also have to plan my own Christmas.

Tip 1: Have a guest list

Who is going to be coming to your dinner? Ask for RSVPs if it is a large group so you have exact numbers.

Tip 2: Choose a main dish

Usually for Christmas there are two choices for a main dish: turkey or ham. What do most of your guests prefer? What does your significant other prefer? What do you prefer? I go with ham because my niece and I don’t like turkey while everyone else likes both.

Tip 3: Complete your Christmas menu

Side dishes, deserts, drinks. Is it going to be potluck style if so who’s bringing what? Are you cooking everything? If so plan a cooking schedule that gives you lots of time along with a grocery list (get the groceries before December 24th)

Tip 4: DIY decorations

Are you doing additional decorations? Pinterest is full of cute DIY Christmas decor like this:


Tip 5: Wake up early

Prep as much  as you can the night before but go to bed early & wake up rested. Make yourself a todo list for the day and get to work.

Click here for your free Christmas Dinner printable





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