Self Care #22

Today’s if the beginning of the final stretch of the 31 day challenge. So far we have accomplished a lot. We have decluttered our physical environment, increased our outlook on ourselves & shifted our brainwaves to look at the positives in life instead of the negatives. We’ve gotten exercise, gotten outside, splurged a bit and interacted with loved ones. Hopefully doing things challenges have helped you feel better both mentally and physically.  If you have not started the challenge yet feel free to do so by following the link HERE to all the previous challenges.  There will be 10 more challenges and they are coming quickly. Good luck everyone.

Challenge #22- Go for a drive

It doesn’t matter where you go, just get in the vehicle, turn the music up, roll the window down and just go. I’ve always found loud music in a moving vehicle to be the best therapy. 

Benefits- Driving can be stressful if it is commuting for work or during a busy area during rush hour etc. however if you just go for a drive to relax than the effects are very different. Depending on the area there can be the relaxing benefits of beautiful scenary, and focusing on the road may also take your mind off of other things going on in your life (I know it does for me) .



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