Relationship Challenge #27

Today’s trust & teamwork challenge is also this week’s #moneymonday post.

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Creating my grocery list

I buy my groceries on a weekly basis, it’s the method that works best with me with my process (points, cashback programs, couponing, paydays etc.). Somethings work better for different people. I am big on “intentionally shopping”  & since I have started doing that it has changed my life. One big part of intentional shopping is pre-planning. It is definitely something that takes up some time and requires dedication but it definitely plays off. Below is a step-by-step process on how I create my grocery list. This can be adapted depending on your situation & to make it as simple as I can I am going to write my list as I go through the steps.   Continue reading

Intentionally Shopping

I am a big believer in spending what you have & nothing more. I do not use my credit card unless it is for work trips which I pay off with my reimbursement check that way I am never in over my head. I know right now there are people working hard to pay off all the Christmas gifts they bought, that’s what January and February usually are right? The months to pay for Christmas. What if I told you there was a way to live comfortably without breaking the bank, would you believe me? Here are 5 tips to intentional shopping which help to get rid of the reliance on credit cards, ditch the debt and help with savings.

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10 financial lessons university taught me

I was in university for 7 years during which time I accumulated quite a bit of debt, surprisingly of that debt only about half of it was actually student loans. Since I finished university I realized some of the mistakes I made and figured if I could help other students maybe the hurt on my bank account would be somewhat worth it. So below you will find my top 10 things I wish i’d known about budgeting before I went to university.


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