Creating a new year exercise routine

So many people have the New Year’s resolution to lose weight, to be healthier, to exercise more, but how many actually stick to it after a week or a month? not many. One way to stick to a resolution is to follow the SMART steps and also by making it a routine which is only a 2 step process.. Plan it & schedule it. After about a month it will become not only routine but habit and if you miss a day you will feel it.

PLAN IT– Using my exercise-routine printable choose 1 or 2 rest days and cross them out (my rest days are wednesday & friday). Next choose a cardio workout & 2 muscle groups to work each of the other days and fill them in the planner. For example mine is as follows:

Monday- Skating-Core-No Secondary

Tuesday- Skating-Arms-Chest

Wednesday–Rest Day

Thursday–30 minute walk- Legs- Butt

Friday– Rest Day

Saturday– Skating–Arms–Chest

Sunday–30 minute walk- Legs- Butt

SCHEDULE IT– By putting things in your planner there is more of a chance you will get to them and find time to do it. Schedule your workouts for breaks throughout the day (example: I go skating on my lunch hour on Mondays & Tuesdays; 30 minute walks in the evening with my husband.) I decide on when then I solidify it by writing it in my planner. For example my Monday looks like:


6-630: Core (3 sets- 60 sec. each)

roll up | bird dogs | Pulse ups| Windshield Wipers | Crunches | Alternating Superman | Straight leg raise | Cross Crunches | Plank

12-1 Skating

After 30 days I reassess and re-plan my routine and keep going.


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