Self Care #24

Today’s challenge will be sticking with the physical side of self care.

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Self Care #21

Today’s challenge ends week three of the self care challenge which means we are almost two thirds done the month of march…seriously though where has the time gone. If you have been completing the challenges how have you been making out, what self care category do you find the easiest, which is the hardest? let me know in the comments.

Today we will be focusing on a challenge that is beneficial to all self care aspects as well as time management.

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Creating my grocery list

I buy my groceries on a weekly basis, it’s the method that works best with me with my process (points, cashback programs, couponing, paydays etc.). Somethings work better for different people. I am big on “intentionally shopping”  & since I have started doing that it has changed my life. One big part of intentional shopping is pre-planning. It is definitely something that takes up some time and requires dedication but it definitely plays off. Below is a step-by-step process on how I create my grocery list. This can be adapted depending on your situation & to make it as simple as I can I am going to write my list as I go through the steps.   Continue reading