Creating a portable beauty kit

It’s week #2 in the “purse must have” series. Last week we made an portable first aid kit this week we are doing a beauty kit. Have you ever realized you needed a bobby pin but there was none in sight? That kind of situation is what this kit is for.

Creating a beauty kit

  1. Choose your container
    • Your container needs to be big enough to fit what you need but small enough to fit in your purse. I personally recommend a small makeup bag.
  2. Gather your supplies:
    • Remember you don’t need all your beauty products in this kit. The kit is just for required touch-ups
    • Suggestions:
      • small hair brush
      • manicure set
      • lipstick
      • eye liner
      • mascara
      • hand lotion
      • hair accessories
      • deodorant



13 thoughts on “Creating a portable beauty kit

  1. The Spirited Sloth says:

    I’ve been trying to master my on-the-go beauty for…forever. What finally worked for me was having TWO of those go-to items that I use in the morning AND on the go, so that those things just stay in my purse and I don’t have to restock it every day!


  2. dananicoledesigns says:

    How many times have I needed a nail file and there were none available?! This is is perfect – great for travel too!


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