100 must take photos

photography bucketlist 2017

One of my resolutions this year is to take more photos and to measure this I decided to create my own 2017 must take photo list. That way at the end of the year I can evaluate it and see if I actually met my goal. I have created a free printable list for anyone who wants to do the same photos. 

Printable 2017 must take photo list

The list includes indoor shots, outdoor shots, landscapes & portraits. It is quite generic so it should work for most people. 


Do you have certain photos you want to take this year? will you be using this printable?

My travel bucketlist pt 1

All of my life I have loved to travel, to see the world and experience new things. Last summer I went to Newfoundland for my bestfriend’s wedding & at that point I have realized I have been to more different countries than I have provinces in my own country. So I started writing down places I would like to see to assess if that was really a problem for me or if it was more of an accomplishment. This is the first five places that I came up with for my travel bucketlist .

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