How I lost 20 lbs without trying

People are always trying these fad diets that involve intense exercise regiments, counting calories or changing their diets completely and they often fail. People will ask themselves “why isn’t this working for me?” or ” what do I need to do to lose weight?” I am one of those people who’s weight fluctuates constantly but after years of fluctuations one summer I dropped 20 lbs and that is when I recognized the pattern.

August 9th 2014 I got married, 3 months before I had tried on my dress which was a bit snug in a few areas so I had it let out, on my wedding day my dress was too lose. How did I in three months go from being too big to too small for my dress which was originally the size I was the previous summer.

What was the secret? I ate. A lot. I had gone to a dietitian that spring because I have a tendency to skip meals, to eat poorly or to forget to eat at all. So the dietitian gave me a food guide.

Some people will say that the food guide recommends too much food, too many carbs, too much dairy so on and so forth, but I followed it. I ate 6 times a day (breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-supper-snack). I didn’t change what I ate, I didn’t exercise anymore, I just ate smaller quantities more often and the weight just melted away.

Unfortunately, yes it is expensive to have enough food to eat that frequently and yes it is hard to make time to eat that frequently, but for three months I was able to do it. Not because I was on some form of diet, not because I thought it would help me lose weight or was trying to lose weight. I was just trying to get myself in the routine of eating regularly and the rest fell in to place.

After I realized that that was how I had lost the weight I did some research and learned that the more you eat the more your body gets used to it. When you skip a meal or go a long period without eating your body goes in to starvation mode, it thinks that it is being starved so the next time you eat it stores the fat. If you eat often your body adjusts and stores less fat which leads to weight loss.

so there you have it, my secret to losing 20lbs in 3 months is not some fad diet or exercise regiment. It’s as simple as eating as often as you can and letting your body do the rest.


4 thoughts on “How I lost 20 lbs without trying

  1. KattsHealthJourney says:

    I love hearing stories of simple weight loss. The media makes it seem so impossible, but really it is all about eating right. Great job on your weight loss! I hope you are continuing to get healthy!


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