My year long Christmas plan

It’s that time of year again, time for friends and families to get together, for eggnog and sugar cookies, stockings, trees and stress. This is the time where people seem to be in either a great mood or consistently cranky, what is the difference between these two groups of people? the latter are usually more prepared for the holiday season and therefore less stressed. I am in the less stress category, how? you may ask, simple I start Christmas prep in January and do it all year. Below you will find my year long Christmas plan and details on how it saves me both time, money and sanity during the holiday season.

  • Step 1. I make a list and check it twice (cards & gifts)– January 1st
  • Step 2. From January til November I watch for sales on things I want to buy for Christmas, if I see an item on a great sale I buy it, wrap it and put it in the closet (I usually have most of my gifts bought by June)
  • Step 3. Any gifts not purchased by November get bought during Black Friday sales.
  • Step 4. My decorations all go up November 12th.
  • Step 5. November 30th I make my Christmas dinner menu and grocery list
  • Step 6. December 1st I get my Christmas photos done & create my “year in review” Christmas letter.
  • Step 7. December 6th I send out my cards and any out of town gifts
  • Step 8.  December 15th I buy my Christmas groceries and get my baking started and usually done (if not it only takes a couple days)
  • Step 9. On Christmas eve I just stuff stockings
  • Step 10. I make dinner and enjoy the day

At the latest my Christmas shopping is done by the end of November, all presents are wrapped as they are purchased so there’s no stress there, I do all my mailing on the same day which saves numerous trips to the post office. I’m not stuck buying all my gifts out of a few pays instead they are spread out over the year. If any of my ornaments, decorations, wrapping paper etc need to be replaced or replenished for the next year I do so during boxing week and store them for the next year.

This has been my routine the last 2 years and it has been a lot less stressful than before & I can relax while I watch everyone I know run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get prepared.

What is your Christmas routine? let me know in the comments


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