Household Cleaning Schedule

Do you ever want to give your house a good clean but don’t know where to start, and because you don’t know where to start you just don’t do it. The task gets so overwhelming that you let it built up until it takes you an entire day to clean? Well today we are going to overcome that obstacle. 

If you’ve been following along with the January Declutter Challenge   then you are well on your way. I find it is always so much easier to plan a cleaning schedule and stick to it when your home is well organized to begin with.  If you haven’t been following that is still , this schedule can work for anyone. 

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Year in Quarters

As I mentioned in last week’s post my annual shopping plan is in two parts, the first being my important dates list which I wrote about last Wednesday and the second, which is today’s topic is dividing the year into quarters. By doing this I have everything in advance, I’m never stress about birthdays or anniversaries and it keeps everything all organized. No last minute gift planning here. I print off my sheets and add them to my life binder and i’m good to go.

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