Creating a personal development goal

It is important to nurture our own personal growth and development, we can start to feel like we are just existing without fully living. Below are ideas for a personal development goal and how to execute it.

Here are some personal development goal examples:

  • Reading (make a list of books you want to read and start checking them off)
  • Get rid of bad habits / start new good habits
  • Start meditating, praying, reflection etc.
  • Get extra training, learn a new language, go back to school
  • Try something you always wanted to try

My Personal Development Goal: To read more

Long Term (Year)= 24 books

Short Term (Month)= 2 books

Immediate (Daily) = 5 chapters


Specific- Double my reading

Measurable- 24 books

Achievable- Read 5+ chapters per/night

Related- Reading is a great form a personal development

Time Specific- 2 deadlines (monthly & year)

What’s your personal development goal? when and how are you going to achieve it?


33 thoughts on “Creating a personal development goal

  1. theclutterboxblog says:

    I love the SMART outline. I’ve been using it for years and it’s really helped me focus on what’s needed. 24 books is awesome. I love how you’ve broken it down! Good luck


  2. Brandi Puga says:

    Creating goals are so important, and something i am TERRIBLE at! I have ultimate goals in mind, but I don’t make small goals of achievement, and i think they would really help. Thanks for the reminder that i need to get on this!


  3. terristeffes says:

    A girl after my own heart! I talk about SMART goals every day in my life as an educational consultant! I love seeing them outside the classroom, too!


  4. Debra says:

    I love goal setting – it helps me to be a better person and strive to live a better life. I totally have some bad habits I would love to get rid of!


  5. Amanda Love says:

    I think this is awesome. There are things that we want to improve in ourselves but we’re not often sure where or how to start. Having a goal like this can make the process so much easier.


  6. Megan mccoig says:

    I love that you bought SMART into this, makes it so much more achievable and organised. I would love to start reading a lot more!


  7. Robin Rue says:

    I love that you have shown a small outline like this. I tend to make too big of goals and then feel defeated when I dont reach it. This is perfect for me!


  8. stylesprinter says:

    That’s such a great approach to goal setting! Especially when it comes to reading! Last year I decided to read 50 books per year which was unrealistic because I’m also at college at the moment which requires a lot of reading too. But I see how setting a goal of reading 2 books per month can help me to be more realistic about achieving my reading goals as “see the light at the end of the tunnel” when it comes to my yearly goal. Thank you for the inspiration!


  9. houseofambition2017 says:

    My personal development goals are to read new books every week, I sem to get through them very fast. I aspire to be a life coach so I also want to keep notes of everything ive learned in each book which will help me with material for clients in the future .. a book I have just inished ( for the 4th time) is the compound effect by darren hardy its amazing

    demi x


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