Self Care #21

Today’s challenge ends week three of the self care challenge which means we are almost two thirds done the month of march…seriously though where has the time gone. If you have been completing the challenges how have you been making out, what self care category do you find the easiest, which is the hardest? let me know in the comments.

Today we will be focusing on a challenge that is beneficial to all self care aspects as well as time management.

Challenge #21- Creating an evening routine.

Since I have done a post in the past on evening routines this is going to be quite brief (to see the full post on routines click here ). For this challenge I need you to get your computer, phone, notebook, whatever it is you use to organize your life. Sit down and in 30 minute intervals work backwards from the time you designate as your “bedtime” (oh yeah adults need them too) **I understand some people work shift work I will be doing a post shortly on how to create a routine when working odd hours.

Working backwards write down everything you want to do nightly

(for example: I go to bed at 1230am nightly, At 12 I close down my social media, turn off my phone & completely unplug for the night, At 1130 I take a bath, At 1030 I give myself an hour on social media, At 10 I read, At 8 I watch 2 hours of TV or a movie, At 730 I have a snack, At 7 I do a quick tidy, At 530 I spend 1.5 hours with my husband (game nights etc.), At 5 I have supper.)

Benefits- Increased productivity, Decreased stress, anxiety & depression, More relaxation time, Less procrastination, Increased sleep quality, improved interpersonal relationships.


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