How to look after yourself during the holidays

It’s Sunday again, which means “Self-Care Day”! Not only is it Sunday it is also Christmas which is a very busy day of the year, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a post on self care through the holidays

[1] Eat when you are hungry– Seems simple but that’s not the only part if you are hungry eat, when you are satisfied (NOT FULL) stop. This will stop you from going into the post-turkey slump. It takes a few minutes for your body to digest your food, if you are full when you stop eating you could be in physical pain when your food actually digests. My grandfather always told us that it’s better to be a little bit hungry when you stop eating than too full.

[2] Take a nap if you are tired–  I know this sounds crazy because Christmas is such a busy day but if you have small breaks between festivities take a little nap. It’s better to have a nap during the day than to walk around drained all day.

[3] Take 10 minutes of “Me” time– Take a bath, read a couple chapters of your current book, listen to a few songs, go for a drive, journal, do yoga, meditate…whatever you need to do but make sure you have a “me” time break sometime during the day

[4]Make your bed– Making your bed in the morning makes the whole day better, things seem less chaotic if you have a well made bed

[5] Unplug for 30 minutes– It’s not a long period of time, just take 30 minutes away from your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, whatever screen you can stare at get away for a little while. Maybe turn off all electronics during dinner or presents just take a break from all the noise.


How do you take care of yourself during the holidays? let me know in the comments.





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