Why you should ditch the junk drawer

Many people have one, that never-stays-organized-catch-all drawer. I haven’t had a junk drawer in 4  years and I am loving life without it. Now you may be wondering, “but where will I store my papers & batteries & whatever other miscellaneous items that go in that drawer”  What if I told you that that catch all drawer was not necessary and it is possible to find an organized way to store those items?

Problem #1 with the Junk Drawer: It never stays organized

So maybe you are one of the VERY few people who can keep their junk drawer perfectly organized..but chances are you are not. You may get little baskets and organize it nicely but not long after it is a disaster zone again. why ? because nothing in that drawer has it’s own appointed space.

Problem #2 with the Junk Drawer: It is an excuse for clutter

Sure it may not be visible but clutter is clutter, I noticed by evaluating life after a junk drawer that I keep a lot less random crap that would otherwise have done right in that blackhole of a drawer.

Problem #3 with the Junk Drawer: You forget things exist

Admit it you go out and buy things you believe you need (glue, batteries etc.) only to later find out you had it in the bottom of your endless pit of stuff.

Problem #4 with the Junk Drawer: If it’s junk it should be chucked

Is the stuff you put in your Junk Drawer really junk? if so it should be thrown out with the trash (since that is where junk goes) if not it should have it’s own place somewhere else in the house.


So how do you make the dreadful move from junk drawer to organized living? 

Step 1: Empty the junk drawer

Step 2: Throw out any garbage

Step 3: Organize what is left. Below are some examples on what to do with some common junk drawer items

Batteries: Create a battery space in your tool box using tackle boxes

Take out menus: Create a takeout menu folder

Thread: put it in your sewing kit

Step 4: Utilize the drawer for something else. (i.e the drawer my husband wanted to designate as our Junk Drawer |until I “very calmly” reminded him that we do not have junk drawers anymore is currently being utilized as a drawer for my pot holders & oven mits.

Step 5: Never look back. Like I said at the beginning, I got rid of my junk drawer years ago and never went back because now I know where everything is, it goes back to where it is supposed to go and nothing gets lost in the disorganized chaos that is the junk drawer.

If you just aren’t ready to ditch the junk drawer join me during my 10 minute a day January declutter challenge where I will explain how to organize it. 

So do you have a junk drawer? can you ever keep in organized? are you going to kick the habit? let me know in the comments. 


31 thoughts on “Why you should ditch the junk drawer

  1. julie porter says:

    I so need this in my life! I actually have more than one junk drawer, and they need to go. Then I have to re-train my husband to actually put things where they belong!


  2. Catherine Murton says:

    Ugh, we always try to NOT have a junk drawer, it just seems to happen. Random finds that don’t have a place get chucked in there and “forgotten”. I have gotten better lately though. I’m still not sure where to keep my extra scissors and tape though! (Those stay in my junk drawer!)


  3. Debra says:

    Dang this is a hard one for me – usually if it’s not a drawer is is something else, I tend to need some place to stick odds and ends but I totally want to give it a try

    Liked by 1 person

  4. annalisanuttall says:

    My junk drawer is my junk room – it gone from cardboard to a room! My office. My problem is i’m too messy for my own good.


  5. Megan mccoig says:

    I am a clean and organisation freak but I still have a clutter box. It drives me insane! I must think about getting rid of it for sure


    • jlawsonn says:

      my husband had a hard time adjusting, he started just throwing scraps of paper on the fridge which drove me nuts, he now just remembers where everything is supposed to be and puts it there


  6. Robin Rue says:

    It is so true that everyone has one of these and it is never organized. I need to try and make a better plan for the stuff that falls in the catch all drawer.


  7. lovelysilvia says:

    Omg love this post! One of my goals is to keep my home organized more often and I’m sure if I get rid of this drawer it would very much help!


  8. irina says:

    I don’t have a junk drawer. Its worse. I have a junk garage. I want to be organized in 2017. Will totally get rid of all the things I don’t need or will find a place for them. Great tips.


  9. almostindianwife says:

    Girl I don’t know if I can do it! I’m not going to lie… I have a few of them! Although it just starts to spread like wildfire. It would feel so good to get rid of them!


    • jlawsonn says:

      my MIL has been here for two weeks & I noticed tonight when I went to get my oven mitts that she’s been throwing random stuff into my mitt drawer (the drawer I said my husband wanted to make a junk drawer) I cleared it out right away…I now know where he gets it


  10. savagesevenblog says:

    It’s funny how almost everyone has a junk drawer or two. I cleared one out last year and I have another that I can stand to clear out as well. Thanks for the reminder!!!


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