Annual Dates to Remember

When you first open up your life binder it is best to begin with an annual schedule (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, due dates, holidays etc.) so when you need to do your quarterly shopping (post about that next Wednesday) you know what events you have coming up.

I do my annual schedule in two parts: i. the overall schedule ii. a quarterly breakdown. I will get to the reasoning for the quarterly breakdown at a later date but today I am focusing on the annual schedule.

I usually sit down and do my annual schedule around the end of December (by January 1st at the latest), I have my  dates-to-remember printable which has a place for birthdays/events etc. for each month of the year which I fill out. I also calculate how many birthdays, events etc. I have in the upcoming year that I need to either buy a gift and/or card for and fill that number in the appropriate spot. I also decide at that time who is getting gifts, gift cards or just greeting cards and fill in those numbers in the appropriate field. The printable then goes in the very first page of life binder for the new year.

Bonus Life Binder Tip: If you want you can have the same binder for years. Personally I like to start fresh every January. In the end of December I take everything out (some things get photocopied and moved to the new binder) & I sort through what I need/want to keep and what is garbage. What I keep then goes into a duotang with the binder’s cover sheet taped to the front and it gets put in my bookcase in case I need to review an earlier year.  




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