5 tips to a happy marriage

My husband and I got married about two and a half years ago, which I guess hardly makes me an expert on marriage advice, we have however been together for almost 11 years. We started dating when I was 15 and he moved in to my parents house when I was 16. When we were 20 we got our first place together and got married at 24. People often ask me “what married life is like” and my response is always the same: “the same as it was before”. See once you are together for a decade especially growing together like we had not much changes after marriage. We are still just as happy and in love as we were when we started dating and below are the reasons why.

  1. Have regular date nights– We have a date night once a month (at the very least) be it a trip to the movies, a night out to dinner, bowling, picnics whatever. why? because it is important to keep dating your husband (wife) to keep the romance alive.
  2. Socialize together– We also have game nights with his sister & brother-in-law or card games with my dad in order to get some socializing together. why?  because social lives are important to mental well being
  3. Socialize separately–He is an avid gamer so a lot of his socializing is online where mine is visiting with my family & friends. why? It is not healthy to base your life solely around one person.
  4. Have alone time & together time– While he is gaming I am usually blogging or catching up on tv or reading but we do set aside time during the day to spend time together either watching the shows we both enjoy or just talking about our days.why? too much time apart can cause the relationship to fade while too much 602d5580eb027c92d9dee385f8679865together can cause co-dependency
  5. Have open & honest communication– This one is the most important. I tell him when he is frustrating me & he does the same. We discuss hard to discuss topics such as money and bills etc. why?because secrets and repressed feelings can only be held down for so long eventually someone will blow.

24 thoughts on “5 tips to a happy marriage

  1. tiarasandtantrums says:

    You two have basically grown up together. I think it is a bit easier when you have know someone for so long. My husband and I meet in our 30’s and he was almost 40. People are really set in their ways by this time and not apt to change at all.


  2. Terri Steffes says:

    My husband and I are HS sweethearts and have been together for 41 years. We follow the advice you are giving and one more, we make sure we go to church together and pray for each other. It may sound silly, but I love hearing Bob ask God to help me with something that is discouraging me, or something I want.


  3. CoCo says:

    I’m engaged and getting married this June! I soooo agree about communication. So thankful that my man and I communicate so well. We do not fight. It doesn’t mean we don’t disagree but we talk it out!


  4. workoutwithdi says:

    Definitely communicate. We don’t do date nights, but we don’t have kids either so every night is kinda like date night 😉 I’d also suggest having FUN together, have a sense of humor about things is so important for the long term. Marry your best friend!!! 19 years married this year, together for 26!


  5. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    I think all of these are equally important. While you need to do things as a couple and have date nights, it is just as important to spend time apart with your friends as well.


    • jlawsonn says:

      It doesn’t have to be “date nights” in the traditional sense. Sometimes my husband and I just go for out for ice cream and count it as a date, as long as it’s quality time together that you enjoy.


  6. Tereza (@cityscapebliss) says:

    These are some great tips and not just for marriage but also for just any relationship. I find it ever so important to have time alone and together – we both are working from home right not and touch wood so far it’s been great – we spend evenings together and days out together but about 80% of the day we are in different rooms doing our own work! x


  7. Jennifer Marx (JenuineMom) says:

    These are all really great tips for a good marriage! I am a big believer in date nights. I would also add that being able to let things go is super helpful, too. 🙂


  8. Rachel @ Kitchen Cents says:

    I enjoyed reading through your tips and almost loved reading through your comments more. It’s funny how some people seem a little put off by your post because you’ve been with your husband for a decade and have only been married for a couple years. I think your tips are valid and great to use in any relationship especially marriage, young or old. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Chelsea | New Kid on The Blog says:

    Great tips! I think it’s important to have alone time together. The longer we’re married, the easier it is to do our own thing together and miss out on quality time.


  10. amber says:

    I love your list… it is fairly simple yet so true! I am introverted and my husband is extraverted… it is so important we found that balance. We will have been married 3 years in May, so kind of around the same amount of time as ya’ll!


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