Self Care #19

Today we are taking some time away again, similarly to day 1 so we can focus on ourselves & our relationships.

Challenge #19- Turn off your cell phone

Choose your time frame (30 minutes, all day, somewhere in between it is totally up to you). I personally cannot turn off my phone incase of emergency but my phone has a feature called “do not disturb” in which it will only put through calls from specific numbers or if someone calls more than once in 15 minutes. Put it away. Do not surf the net or get caught up in social media drama. Just step away from the phone and use the time to enjoy your environment or interact with your family & friends without the interference of technology.

Benefits-  Stepping away from technology gives your brain a chance to recharge, it can increase your sleep quality, improves in personal communication & interpersonal relationships, it can also decrease levels of stress & anxiety.


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