Must pack list ski trips

Today’s must pack list is to help with anyone going on a ski trip.must-pack-list-2

Necessary clothing:


Gloves or mittens


Snow boots



Winter jacket

Wool socks & nylon ski pants

PJs (if over night trip or more)

The below example is clothing for a 5 day ski-trip:Capture.JPG



  • alarm
  • batteries
  • camera
  • chargers for electronics
  • hairdryer
  • skis or snowboard
  • ski bag

Health & Beauty items

  • antibacterial wipes Capture.JPG
  • body lotion
  • hair brush
  • deodorant
  • face cleanser
  • first aid kit 
  • floss
  • moisturizer
  • personal hygiene items
  • razors
  • prescriptions
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • tooth brush & tooth paste


  • Cash, Debit, Credit cards
  • Snacks
  • Maps/ Directions
  • Reservation information

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