Studies show the importance of music

Day 8 of my self care challenge focused on creating a self-care playlist. I mentioned then some of the benefits of music such as easing pain, improving endurance, cognitive performance & sleep quality, reducing stress, depression symptoms & anxiety and elevating moods. Today I am going to share some study results on why music is so important and what other benefits it has.


  1. Nusbaum and Silvia (2010) found that the effects of music depend on the personality of the listener. Of the five personality dimensions those with a higher openess to experience are most likely to experience the most powerful effects of music. They also found that over 90% of people experience a chill down their spine when listening to certain songs. (Nusbaum and Silvia, “Shivers and Timbres Personality and the Experience of Chills From Music,” Social Psychology & Personality Science, 2010).
  2. Have you ever heard a song and had a memory come up from it? It happens to me ALL THE TIME, I’ll hear a song and immediately think of a tv show it was on or a movie soundtrack or a memory of a life experience that occured while listening to that specific song.  According to a Stanford study music engages the areas in the brain that are responsible for paying attention and updating memory.( Baker, Mitzi. “Music moves brain to pay attention, Stanford study finds.” Stanford Medicine.)
  3. A review of 23 studies  covering 1500 patients found that listen to music reduces heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients. (Bradt & Dileo, “Music for stress and anxiety reduction in coronary heart disease patients,” PubMed.Gov, 2009).
  4. Music helps control symptoms of PTSD is veterans (Abbie Fenress Swanson, “Music helps vets control symptoms of PTSD,” Time, March 8, 2010).
  5. A study of healthy male college students found that while riding stationary bicycles the participants would work harder while listening to music which shows the correlation between music and endurance (Scott Christ, “20 surprising, science-backed health benefits of music,” USA Today, December 17, 2013).
  6. Music can reduce worker burnout , increase job satisfaction & mood while at work (Advances in Mind-Body Medicine)
  7. Researchers have found that listening to slow, steady rhythms can help parkinson’s patients move more steadily (Friedman, “Healing Power of the Drum,” 1994)
  8. Music significantly lowered the heart rates and calmed & regulated blood pressure & respiration rates of patients following surgery  (Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., and St. Mary’s Hospital in Mequon, Wis.)
  9. Playing music reduces stress & is shown to reverse the body’s response to stress at the DNA level ( Dr. Barry Bittman) 
  10. Music therapy was shown to reduce stress in a study of 236 pregnant women (College of Nursing at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan)



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