Must pack list Business trips

Today we are starting a new 7 day series, this time focusing on must pack lists. Today for our first post will be on the must haves for business trips. I travel a lot for business & I always want to make sure I have all that I need so that i’m not stuck out of town without a necessity.


What will you wear:

  • Is there a dress code for whatever events/meetings etc. you will be attending?
  • Will there only be the one function or multiple?
  • How long will you be gone?
  • What is the weather forecast?

For example:

I have a 3 day trip next month. I will be in three meetings (business), have 1 night out with my friends who live in the city (casual)I am going to & have one awards ceremony (formal) My hotel also has a pool. So here are my outfits.




1 purse | 1 pair of shoes | 1 pair of jeans | 1 skirt | 1 pair of dress pants | PJs | Swim wear

1 sweater | 2 blouses

Work related items

  • Have a day planner/ calendar (whatever you use to plan your day)
  • Do you need print outs of anything?
  • Business cards? stationary? Writing utensils?
  • Laptop & Charger


Toiletry Bag/ Makeup

Not everyone brings these because of all the stuff available at the hotels (usually free of charge) however I always do. 


Toothbrush | Toothpaste | Mouthwash | Floss | Nail kit| Makeup bag | Shampoo | Conditioner | Hairspray | Brush | Razor| deodorant | any needed medication

Other Items

  • Credit card/ cash
  • Books to read (for fun)
  • Cards to pass time
  • Phone charger(s)
  • Phone
  • Passport (if necessary)
  • Driver’s licence

What do you bring with you when you travel for business? Let me know in the comments


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