Self Care 11

Today’s self care challenge brings us back to social self care and will count as this week’s #socialsaturday post as well.

Challenge #11- Call a friend

Yes that says “call” not “text”.  Text messaging is actually the least intimate form of communication where as actual phone calls rank as #3 out of #6 according to communication professionals only under face-to-face communication & face-time and before written letters, emails & texting/IM. 

Why do people not talk on the phone anymore?

  • Texting is more convenient
  • They are not used to phone calls
  • Some people don’t have a voice call plan on their phones
  • It feels too “old school”

Benefits- Hearing someone’s voice helps read the tone in which they are speaking (tone is not translatable through text), conflicts seem more hostile via text, Phone calls help strengthen connections, the human quality of communication is lost through other technology, when you are talking on the phone you are paying closer attention to the conversation.

Extra Challenge- Make a regular phone date


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