Self Care 09

Today we are continuing with our emotional self care. Sometimes we get lost in all the negative and today’s challenge is all about focusing our attention away from the negative and towards the positive.

Challenge #9- Create a gratitude journal

Get our a notebook, day planner, download an app, use your current journal if you have one, the method doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take a few minutes to reflect on what is good in your life & I mean really reflect don’t just go through the motions of writing down whatever cliche thing comes to mind; keep it personal to you and what you are truly grateful for. It is not necessarily something that has to be done everyday but at least once a week is beneficial.

Benefits- Gratitude not only helps you see the positive in your life but it also improves relationships, being appreciative helps nurture friendships & family relationships. It can also improve sleep, it decreases negative emotions, improves self esteem & reduces aggession


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