Self Care 08

Today we will begin our second week of the self care challenge for march. If you haven’t done the first week yet that is fine and you can find it here. Today’s challenge will be focusing on your emotional well being.

Challenge#8-  Create a self care playlist

Music has an incredible effect on our minds and because of that is great for self care . So today your challenge is to create your own self care playlist (on your phone, tablet, laptop, burn a CD…however you listen to your music.)

Below is the contents of my 20 song self care playlist

  1. Not Afraid- Eminem
  2. Going through changes- Eminem
  3. Beautiful – Eminem
  4. Guts over fear- Eminem
  5. Drop the world- Eminem& Lil’ wayne
  6. How do you get that lonely- Blaine Larsen
  7. One mic- Nas
  8. If you’re going through hell – Rodney Atkins
  9. Keep ya head up- Tupac
  10. Happy- Pharrell Williams
  11. Beautiful Day- U2
  12. Good vibrations- the beach boys
  13. Don’t stop believin- Journey
  14. Rollin’- Ish
  15. Absolutely (story of a girl)- Nine days
  16. Gives you hell- All American rejects
  17. All the small things- Blink 182
  18. Pony- Ginuwine
  19. Hypnotize- Notorious B.I.G
  20. Fight Song- Rachel Platten

Benefits- Music is the best medicine in my eyes. It helps ease pain (both physical and emotional), improves exercise endurance and motivation, improves sleep quality, reduces stress, relieves depression symptoms, elevates your mood. It also increases cognitive performance & reduces anxiety. Those are just a few of the many benefits there are a lot more as well. I will actually be doing a post in the near future solely on the benefits of music.

Extra challenge- Create a different playlist for various moods.

**What songs instantly up your mood ?


35 thoughts on “Self Care 08

  1. fortheloveofjars says:

    This is a great tip. My son suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and when he is feeling anxious he listens to his favourite tracks to help take his mind off whatever it is that is bothering him.


  2. GlamKaren says:

    Music makes a MAJOR difference to your overall vibe. And that vibe sets the tone for your mental health. Love finding songs/playlists to have ready depending on my mood!


  3. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    What a great play list. Mine is typically filled with a random mix of the Beatles and Queen lol. I like old school music though.


  4. theclutterboxblog says:

    Love your music list, so many good ones on there. I think Beautiful by Eminem is my favorite. Music is so important for my mental health and I can’t image not having access to it.


  5. Heather says:

    I’ll have to tell you that for me as a cancer survivor, laughter and love are the best medicines closely followed by music. A song that really got me through chemo is “Gotta Be” by Des’ree.


  6. Heather says:

    I love that you went very heavy on the Eminem music! He is such a talented and inspirational artist! I change my music based on my mood and what I want to accomplish, but anytime I need to be motivated I listen to some of my favorite bands like Papa Roach and Stone Sour.


      • Heather says:

        The Papa Roach guys are amazing!! I travel often to see them! I have only had the chance to see Eminem once but it was an amazing experience!


      • jlawsonn says:

        I have that on my bucketlist. I am Canadian and unfortunately he has a hard time getting into the country ( he was actually banned for quite some time) so I’ll have to travel to the states to see him


      • Heather says:

        Haha I am not surprised that he is! He doesn’t seem to tour that much. I had to travel a few hours to see him, but it was so very worth it! He puts on a great show! I hope you get to see him before long!


  7. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This is a great idea! I love creating fun playlists for myself through Pandora and then depending on my mood is what I will choose to listen to. It definitely helps out when Im cleaning the house haha.


  8. Amanda Love says:

    I listen to some of these songs as well. I love music and it’s a big stress reliever for me to listen to it. It’s really helpful especially when you need to calm down and relax.


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