Self care 03

Today is about yourself and making sure that you take the time you need for yourself instead of always focusing your energy on others.

Challenge #3- Be selfish

image03.jpgAs I have mentioned in the past I am a huge television fan, one of my favourite shows that I watch is SUITS. If you have not seen it then I highly recommend it. Yesterday morning I watched the season 6 finale on my PVR & I am now anxiously waiting the announcement for the season 7 premiere date. I promise there is a link between my random TV rant and today’s self care challenge . Harvey Specter (one of the main characters in Suits) could seriously be one hell of a life coach and today’s challenge is actually a quote from the character.

“Ever love someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want” – Harvey Specter 

That’s basically it for the challenge today – Do whatever you want. You want to take a mental health day and just relax? do that. You want to go for a hike with your family? do that. You want to order takeout instead of making dinner and watch TV in your PJs? Good for you. Me? I’m getting dressed up and going on a date with my husband, first dinner than off to the theater to see LOGAN because there is no way I would miss opening night of Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart’s last X-men movie. 

Bonus Challenge- Take Harvey’s advice everyday and just do what you want. If it makes you happy  do it. It sounds simple and it is as long as you don’t overthink it .


31 thoughts on “Self care 03

  1. workoutwithdi says:

    Yes! I took a mental health day last year. Just decided I needed a day to me. It was indulgent and I loved every single second.
    BTW Logan is amazing, saw a preview Wednesday. Fantastic movie!


  2. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    I LOVE Suits. I have gotten so far behind, but I love me some Harvey! I think it is important to be selfish to an extent in order to be a success.


  3. toughcookiemommy says:

    I’m actually doing exactly that today and staying in my pajamas while I work and spend time with Hubby. As I get older, I am realizing that I need to do whatever makes me happy in the moment.


  4. Amber says:

    Self care is so incredibly important and I love that you are shining a light on the topic! My favorite methods of self care are hiking and getting a massage!


  5. Journa says:

    Haven’t heard about SUITS before. But i think this is for me. Sometimes i don’t have time for myself. Most of the time, others are my priority. Thanks for this great reminder.


  6. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This is a great quote!! A lot of us fail on remembering to love ourselves and just do something that we want because we are so busy doing things for everyone around us. I hope you enjoyed the movie!!


  7. Amanda Love says:

    Sometimes you really have to selfish when it comes to taking care of yourself. This is a good reminder, a lot of people wouldn’t want to be selfish with their time but you just really need to give yourself that especially when you’ve had a rough week.


  8. theclutterboxblog says:

    Self care is not selfish, it’s so important. Everyone benefits from you taking self care days! I hope you have fun at the premier!


  9. Carolyn says:

    I agree that it is important to make sure that you are happy too. I just played tennis tonight and it makes me a better person to be around if I do that for myself. It also shows my kids that we are never too old to play and exercise and compete.


  10. Veronica says:

    Suites is not my favorite show. Actually all those about lawyers are my least favorite.
    But I couldn’t agree more with that quote! It is brilliant!


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