Self care 02

Today is all about the animals. I have mentioned my cats before (all 4 of them) and there is nothing more relaxing to me than kitty time.

Challenge #2- Take time for your pets

Take your dog for a walk, cuddle with your cats, go for a horse back ride whatever you want to do with your pets. Just make sure to make some time for the furry family members today. My cats always know when I am having a bad day and I get the best kitty cuddles. 

Benefits- There are so many benefits to animals. Taking a dog for a walk can increase your social skills if you see another dog owner on your walk or at the park plus the health benefits of the exercise. There are also other health benefits such as decreased blood pressure & cholesterol both which can decrease your chance of a heart attack.  Emotionally cuddling with your pets can increase your feelings of joy and happiness (which is why animal-assisted therapy is used).

Extra challenge- If you don’t have a pet you could visit a shelter for the same benefits.


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