Tips to healthy living day 7

Today’s healthy living tips will be focusing on your emotional well-being and will also count as this week’s #selfcaresunday post

Stress management

There are two main ways to manage your stress:

  1. Routine Stress Maintenance- Work on developing positive coping skills such as meditation, visualization, yoga & exercise that will keep your baseline stress level down.
  2. Breakthrough stress management- If you have a stressful situation which increases your level of stress take 5 deep breaths or go for a run, keep a gratitude journal, count your breaths or check your perspective.

Self Care

Take care of yourself on a regular basis for tips on how to do that CLICK HERE for all my self care posts. 

Emotional Control 

Keep track of your emotions. I do so in two ways 1.StockSnap_D28F9C1753.jpg A pixel sheet in my bullet journal and 2. my Dailio app  . What activities tend to lead to what emotions. If there is an activity that leads to a happy day increase those activities & if there is an activity that leads to a sad or angry day then decrease those activities as much as possible. Learn what triggers what emotions and work on controlling them. 

Check back tomorrow on tips to increase your sleep quantity and quality. 




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