Healthy lifestyle day 6

Healthy living does not just include eating well, sleeping well and exercising, social interactions also have a huge impact on your health.  So today we are focusing on expanding your social network. This will also count as this week’s #socialsaturday post

Look for similar personalities

Look for someone who not only matches you in interests but also in personality, beliefs and values. I’m not saying your friends need to be just like you but it is important that your needs are satisfied in others and vice versa. If you are a social butterfly it is difficult to have a social relationship with a recluse for instance.

StockSnap_KE1OWT21SN.jpgSpend time with others. 

This may seem like an easy suggestion but for some people it is not. Many people don’t know their neighbours, don’t increase their friendship circle beyond high school, even just basic face to face communication is less frequent due to the increase in technology. I’m not saying social media is bad, quite the contrary, it is great for keeping people in contact when they are separated by distance. The issue I have with it is when it replaces regular human interaction.  Make regular plans with friends, a weekly coffee date, a book club, bowling team whatever, make sure you get out and do something with others.

Build virtual & face-to-face interactionStockSnap_HHZ5NPNR1T.jpg

Like I said in the previous paragraph I am not against social media. If you have a friend who lives far away and your only means of communication is social media increase the frequency in which you communicate with them via facebook or other platforms. If said friend lives down the street make sure to mix the two so that you also have the face-to-face interaction.

If something is over let it go

Not all relationships are built to last. If you have a relationship with someone that is toxic, that is dwindling (& you don’t feel motivated to save it) or you feel is one sided then let it go. Make room in your life for those who want and deserve to be there. It’s not about the amount of friends you have but about the quality of those friendships.



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