Tips for healthy living day 5

Today’s healthy living tip is also the final February  #fitnessfriday post. This post will be on ways to make an exercise routine that is right for you.

Make it fun

If you read my 10 exercise tips post a few weeks ago you know that it is important to do what you like. It is pointless to plan an exercise routine that you do not enjoy, if it feels like a chore you will rush through it or just give up all together. 

StockSnap_AYSVGBFCHG.jpgKeep track

Keep a visual record of your physical activity such as placing a large “X” on your calendar for days that you exercise or create a log just do something so that you can keep track of how frequently (or infrequently) you workout.

Set weekly goals

Make your first goal easy to help build your confidence, choose something you know you can achieve and up the difficulty each week. At the end of the week reward yourself if you meet your goal. 

Work activity into your daily routineStockSnap_EWQYYB0G5A.jpg

If you usually take the elevator then start taking the stairs, wear a fit-bit or similar pedometer to track your daily steps (set a goal for steps- such as 10,000 steps) 

Do not focus on weight loss

Many people exercise for weight loss instead of health. Unfortunately if you focus on the weight-loss and don’t see immediate results it could possibly discourage you and lead to giving up. If you focus on improving your health you are more likely to continue. 

Keep track of how you feel

Keep track of how you feel both physically and mentally. That way you can start seeing the right kind of results. Are you sleeping better? feeling less pain? feeling less groggy? 

Check back tomorrow on tips for how your social relationships can effect your healthy lifestyle


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