Relationship Challenge 24

Today’s trust & teamwork challenge is focusing on prioritizing your relationship.

Challenge # 24- Make them a priority

Life can sometimes get in the way, we get busy and stressed and tired and it becomes difficult to focus on ourselves let alone anyone else. People feel neglected, ignored and sometimes relationships can become strained but it is important to remember that you are no longer “I” you are now half of “we” and your partner needs to be acknowledged. Here are a list of ways to prioritize your relationships.

1. create regular date nights

2. Have a daily check-in– Make the time to check in with your significant other daily, tell them about your day, have them tell you about there’s, make plans and/or make a non-demanding request if necessary

3. Consider them when making decisions- You no longer make decisions that only affect you. Ask yourself when making an important decision if it is what’s best for your relationship & your family

Benefit- You are no longer a single person, your actions & decision affect more than just you and if you ignore your other half you are essentially telling them they don’t matter.


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