Tips to healthy living day 4

Today we will not only be focusing on increasing not only the quantity of sleep but also the quality.

When I was in university I suffered from horrible insomnia, I still have some trouble sleeping every now and then but I no longer require medication to get the job done. Not because my insomnia has gotten any better but because I changed up my routine to aid in quality sleep .

Create the environment

I always had a problem sleeping without the television on .Everywhere I have lived (with the exception of my current home) always had a TV in my bedroom. There reason I don’t have one now is because I learned that although I found it easier to fall asleep to television my quality of sleep was not great.  Not only do I no longer have a television in my room I have nothing in there except for my bed and my clothes. I was once told in a psychology class thatStockSnap_32PHX17FRE.jpg ” the bedroom is for sex and sleeping” that same professor also explained that if people eat in bed, watch TV in bed, do puzzles in bed, whatever it may be there is a link between the frequency of time spent in bed and the quality of sleep. The more time spent in bed the less quality of sleep. Also, if you work shift work it helps to have black out shades to keep the sun out.  Make sure your bedroom is a relaxing environment with relaxing colors on the walls, keep the room clean and make sure you have comfortable bedding and pillows. 

No exercise close to bedtime

Exercise heats your core giving you a burst of energy so exercising late at night can make it difficult to fall asleep. However, exercising in the morning gives you the energy to get your day started and makes sleeping at night much easier. I usually cut myself off around 5 hours before bedtime, besides light stretching I do no exercises after 7 pm. 

Take a hot bath

This is definitely my favourite evening routine. Although the bath will heat your core temperature (same as exercise) when you exit the bath your temperature drops which may help in sleep. Also baths tend to help your mind and body relax which helps in sleeping. 

Have a regular schedule

It may be difficult for some people (such as those who work shift work) but for those who can I would highly suggest having a regular sleep schedule, go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.  

Get up

If something happens that you cannot fall asleep after an extended period of time or you wake up and cannot get back to sleep then get up and leave the room . Drink a glass of water, read a little bit in another room, walk a lap of your home then when you get tired again go back to bed and try again.


I always find reading helps make my mind and eyes tired so I read immediately before bed.


Limit the amount of caffeine you have in the evening, also turning off your computer and staying off your phone could also help a lot. The bright lights can stimulate your brain which makes it difficult to sleep

Create an evening routine

Do the same thing every evening to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep for more information on creating a great evening routine CLICK HERE

Take sleep problems seriously

If you follow all of these tips but you still have difficulty sleeping after several months seek medical advice you don’t want to let your health decline from not getting enough Zs.

Check back tomorrow for tips on getting enough physical activity. 


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