Tips to healthy living day 2

Today is the 2nd day in my 7 day series on healthy living and today we will be checking in on our own health.

If you have not seen it yet you can click here for my post on creating your own personal medical records and appointment log. 

Make an appointment with your doctor and dentist- Go in for a checkup, any needed immunizations & make sure you ask your doctor any questions you have. Also at the appointment you can make any followup appointments for blood work, testing or dental work. stocksnap_9pyy07x93t

Check your stats- Check your weight and height, measure you waist.
Check your BMI to see if you are overweight and possibly putting your health at risk.

Access your activity level- Figure out how much activity you typically get in a week and it’s intensity. How much variety? do you like it? Do you think you need more?  (Check back friday for my post on creating a healthy lifestyle)

Keep track of your eating habits- A food diary is a great way to track your eating. DO NOT LIE TO IT. Make sure you actually write down everything you eat and drink, do not skip the items you are embarrassed about, you cannot fix what you do not acknowledge. Also keep track of how you physically feel during the time you are journaling you may be possibly having poor reactions to foods without even noticing. (healthy eating was the focus of yesterday’s post (healthy eating was the focus of yesterday’s post )

Check your mood and energy- Healthy living includes emotional wellness (which will be the focus of sunday’s post ) Start a mood journal and see how you feel, is there an aspect in your life that you may need to adjust?

stocksnap_ta9xfis7t4-1Consider your social network- Friends, family and supports are also a huge part of an emotionally healthy lifestyle (which will be the focus of Saturday’s post) . What members of your social group are uplifting. 

All that you are doing today is looking inward at yourself, making an evaluation on the different aspects of your life so you can decide on what you need more of and what you need less of. Check back tomorrow to learn more about increasing your emotional wellness.


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