Developing your self care plan

Today for #selfcaresunday we will be creating a self care plan for your life binder.

In case you haven’t already read them here is the link to some previous selfcaresunday posts & my previous life binder posts.

Today we are working on how to create a self-care plan.  First what are some of your go-to self care activities? It can be professional self care (Professional development programs), Physical self care (walking), Psychological self care (journaling), Emotional self care (do something you enjoy), spiritual self care (go to church/temple/mosque), Social self care (have a coffee date). Enjoy this printable on choosing your self care activities.

Next it’s time to schedule your self care activities. Using this self care plan printable place the word (physical, social, emotional, psychological, professional & spiritual) in the schedule. For example, if you are a person who attends church your “spiritual self care day” would be on the day you go to your place of worship. If you meet with friends every Wednesday, Wednesday would be your “social self care day”.

Here is my completed self care plan. I am not a spiritual person therefore it is not scheduled in my plan.

self care plan.png


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