Relationship challenge #17

Today we are back to physical attraction and intimacy. This time though it may involve a little shopping.

Challenge #17- Wear something new

Buy some sexy lingerie or a costume or even a new pair of heels, Change up your look for one night in the bedroom. If it is something you have never done before maybe this will unlock something you really enjoy. I’m not asking you to role play (that may have come up in day 15) i’m just asking that you wear something new to bed. Sometimes the first time dressing up maybe stressful, you may be self conscious or nervous. You may wonder will he/she like it? do I look sexy or ridiculous? It’s not going to be beneficial if you are not into it so don’t do it if you are uncomfortable. 

Benefit- It can spice things up. Sex is all well in good but eventually the same routine can get boring.

Bonus Challenge- Go shopping together and help pick out outfits and accessories.


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