10 fitness myths

This week’s #fitnessfriday post will be on what is true and what is false in the fitness world and in doing so I will be posting 10 myths that may surprise you.

Myth #1- Crunches are the best workout for your abs. 

probably the best known abdominal workout crunches actually don’t do much for slimming your midsection. Yes they do tone a small portion of your abs but they are not the best to do so. Bridges and planks are both actually better exercises to do for that specific muscle group. Also crunches can be dangerous to your back if done incorrectly.

 Myth #2- Sweating more= More weight loss

Sweat does not necessarily equal weight loss. Sweat is a biological response used to cool your body. So if you are a person who gets hot easily you probably sweat more than someone who is constantly cold yet put both people in a gym and either one can lose more weight than the other regardless of the amount of sweat.

Myth #3- Running is a safe exercise

This one kind of depends on who the “expert” speaking is. Some say it is totally fine while others say that it is bad for your knees. When i was in university I took some forensic StockSnap_9DZ58A0GHO.jpganthropology courses in which we got to work with actual human bones and I saw first hand the knee bone of a runner. Due to that experience I am sticking with my professors POV that the constant hammering on pavement and the vibration that sends up the legs is damaging to the knees. I am all for walking and jogging but running just doesn’t seem worth the risk.

Myth #4- You need to stretch before you workout

You should not just jump into a workout but stretches aren’t necessarily what your body needs .What it actually needs is a warm-up. You need to get your body moving and ready for what is to come not just hold those stretches.

Myth #5- You should work out everyday

No, no & definitely not. Exercising daily is actually counterproductive. Yes you should have some physical activity everyday (it won’t hurt you to take the stairs at work instead of the elevator) but actual high intensity workouts require your body to have some breaks. You should always have one or two rest days in order to let your muscles recover otherwise you increase the chance of pulling a muscle, damaging your muscles and breaking down too many muscle fibers.

Myth #6- Yoga is not a “real” workoutStockSnap_D8SW90PLFX.jpg

I am not a big fan of yoga mainly because I enjoy high intensity workouts. HOWEVER,although it is not my cup of tea I am the first to admit it has it’s benefits. Also, many people see it as a mental exercise which it is, but it is also a great abdominal workout.


Myth #7- You need to go to a gym for good strength training

Strength training does not require big machines and heavy weights. Strength training . There is plenty of home equipment you can use such as medicine balls, kettle balls and resistance bands, small ankle or wrist weights as well as your own body weight.

Myth #8- Constant intense workouts are the best way to go

I’m not saying don’t give it your all but super high intensity workouts every time you exercise can not necessarily be a good thing. You should only be going extra hard two or three times per week at max. If you are sore every time you workout beyond the initial few days it’s a sign you are over doing it and putting too much stress on your body.

Myth #9-  Running on the treadmill is safer than on pavement

The impact of your weight on your joints is what causes the knee damage from running so it doesn’t matter if you are on asphalt or a treadmill.  Mixing cardio such as elliptical or bikes along with treadmill is the best way to decrease knee damagestocksnap_mbt7i9w3ju

Myth #10-  Swimming is great for weightless

Swimming is great for lung capacity, burn off tension and toning muscles but unless you swim for hours on end you won’t lose my weight from it.




17 thoughts on “10 fitness myths

  1. Lydia says:

    I totally agree with #1, planks are so much better than crunches for toning your abs! I’m a huge fan of yoga, it really helps for balance and I find it relaxing!


  2. Enjoyfreebies says:

    Thank you for shedding the light on these myths. I had no idea that swimming would not help you lose weight. Bummer! But I am happy to hear that yoga is still a great workout. Now I just need to start.


  3. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    I have a very hard time running. I have always had bad knees and it was always painful for me. according to the doctor, I have very little cartilage in my knees and they grind together. I was a competitive swimmer for 7 years though and it to this day is my favorite exercise.


  4. asseenonjean says:

    I didn’t realise a lot of these so thanks for all the info you gave. I really should get back into exercising more after having a short break. Rather than re-joining a gym, I think I will try and do workouts at home instead.


  5. Tereza says:

    Oh this was such a good read! I totally agree that yoga IS a workout – it’s the only workout that has ever given me anything close to abs!! x


  6. toughcookiemommy says:

    Stretching before working out is so important. I think some people get over confident and forget they need to prepare their body before working out regularly.


  7. amandahrosson says:

    Oh my goodness, what an informative post! I’m very much a fitness newb but am definitely wanting to do more to get into shape and I’m so glad I read this! I’m especially trying to focus on my abs and thought I needed to do nonstop crunches – I’m relieved to see that’s not the case! I’d much rather do planks!


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