How to organize your fridge

I used to have to routinely clean out my fridge, it never stayed organized no matter what I tried and I would go out and buy something I already had or not buy something I needed because I thought I already had it when I didn’t or I did have it but it had expired without my knowledge. I never knew exactly what I had for food and it was more than frustrating. Now, however, I haven’t had to reorganize my fridge in almost two months because of one little secret.

BASKETS. Yep that’s it, just buy baskets. I went out one day when I was on a big organizational kick and bought a bunch of white baskets from the dollar store to use to organize my kitchen

Organizing the fridge was not a difficult task, at all and I don’t know why I never thought of this method in the past.

Step one. Empty the fridge .Throw out any expired items.

Step two. Clean. Spray and wipe the shelves and door.

Step three. Separate. Chose a way to divide up your food. I like to divide mine up based on the meal. Breakfast items, Lunch items, Dinner items, Snacks, Condiments & Beverages.  I also put fruit in to glass tupperwear as soon as I buy it after washing it so that it is more accessible. Capture.JPG

Step four. Put everything away. My top shelf is for breakfast & lunch items, My middle shelf is for milk, condiments/ sauces & dinners and the bottom shelf is for snack items. The door is for additional beverages (yogurt drinks, pepsi, chocolate milk, juice etc.)



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