Relationship Challenge #15

Today we are starting week 3 of the relationship challenge .So far we have covered increasing communication & having fun together. This week we will be focusing on attraction & intimacy.

What is intimacy? Intimacy does not have to be physical and essentially it is not. It means to be emotionally vulnerable to share your thoughts, fears and desires with you significant other.

What is attraction? Attraction is the action of invoking interest, pleasure or liking of someone or something. Attraction is the more physical aspect.

Challenge #15- Explore a fantasy

Is there something you always wanted to try in the bedroom? Or something your significant other has always wanted to try? Maybe you have the same fantasies and you never really opened up about them to even know. 

Benefit- Fantasies will increase your physical intimacy & increase your attraction to your partner & vice-versa. Feeling safe enough to share your fantasies with your partner has been proven to increase your overall sex life.

Bonus Challenge- Sit down with your partner and create a sexual bucketlist and start checking things off.





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