Relationship challenge #12

Today’s challenge is one of my favourite “date night” activities. Now just to make it clear, my definition of a date is anything my husband and I do together that we enjoy. We put our phones away and enjoy eachother’s company. What I love about that is that dates don’t need to be expensive actually they don’t need to cost a thing.

Challenge #12-  Binge watch television

I am a HUGE television fan, to the point where I watch about 44 ongoing shows + the ones I binge on netflix. Once a week (sometimes twice) my husband and I get out the snacks, cuddle up  on the couch and catch up with the ones that we watch together. 

Benefit- I’m a big believer that TV can make you feel good. Also it is great to just relax together at home and just be together.

Bonus Challenge- Start a new show on a streaming service (like netflix) and have a big binge.


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