Relationship Challenge #5

Today’s communication challenge aims to make your significant other feel appreciated for the little things they do that tend to get overlooked.

Challenge #5- Give them praise

Is there something that your significant other does that you have just come to expect, even though they don’t necessarily have to do it. It could be a chore that you never do that they pick up the slack in, a surprise they do for you, just something that you take for granted. 

Benefit- It always feels nice to be appreciated. My husband for example with surprise me by running me a bubble bath while I’m driving my nieces home so it’s done and ready for me when I get home. He does this out of the kindness of his heart because he knows I really enjoy bubble baths. When he does this I make sure I let him know how grateful I am for his thoughtfulness.

Extra Challenge- Sit down with you significant other and each come up with a specific number of things the other has done that should be acknowledged


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