How to motivate yourself to workout

It’s official January is over, which means about half of those people who bought gym memberships a months ago will not be renewing them, walking tracks will have plummeting numbers and those striving for an overall more active life will give up. So because of this downfall of motivation every Friday of February will be dedicated to exercise tips & tricks. So why do we seem to lose workout motivation in february? In January we are all so full of motivation with all the new-year new-me crap that we go out and spontaneously join the gym or start an intense exercise regiment that is easy to give up once that motivation wears off. So how do you keep yourself motivated all year long.

01. Create a SMART goal instead of a OVER SIMPLIFIED goal. Don’t just set the goal to lose weight, to be healthier. Be specific, Make it measurable and set time constraints. That way you have something to work towards all year long. 

02. Take weekly & monthly photos. You may not notice the difference by looking in the mirror because you see yourself everyday, however looking at the comparison photos you will see it.

03. Exercise early. It will give you a burst of energy to get your though the day & that feeling will be motivation to keep it going

04. Leave yourself reminders. Post a motivational photo or quote somewhere along your home, remind yourself what you are working for

 05. Evaluate your progress. Every month evaluate your progress. Don’t necessarily worry about the scale (muscle weighs more than fat anyway) but do you not only look better but feel better, has your sleep improved or your energy during the day? When you see progress in your life it is more likely that you will keep on track. 

HERE is a link to my pinterest fitness motivation board.



27 thoughts on “How to motivate yourself to workout

  1. Ashley LaMar says:

    I’m sharing this with my husband right now. He was in a great workout routine last year but Christmas kind of killed it. He was just complaining last night that he can’t seem to find the motivation to go back. Hopefully this will help.


  2. thefashionableaccountant says:

    I love the idea of taking pictures to motivate. I try to do it in the morning but I’ve been snoozing my alarm lately. I need to just push myself to get up early.


  3. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    This is great! I have found that I am much more motivated in the mornings so it is easier to work out. I try to do it before the kids wake up lol


  4. theclutterboxblog says:

    I usually avoid the gym in January to wait out those who are just going to quit. Motivation is tough, pictures really help me keep going!


  5. Marcie says:

    I think taking the photos is the hardest yet most important step. It’s hard to notice any difference just looking in the mirror. It really helps to be able to see photos from weeks/months ago. Great post!


  6. Jeanine Macintosh says:

    I just bought a treadmill yesterday as walking/jogging is my passionate and helps me really get into the head space to get a work out in. I’ve been slacking in the motivation department and working out way less than normal.


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