Relationship Challenge #2.

Today’s communication challenge is one that I find tough. I love my husband, we have been together for over a decade and I can’t imagine my life without him but coming up with actual reasons why is something I always had a hard time to put into words. That being said I am completing these challenges while I am posting them so I am essentially forcing myself to find the words.

Challenge #2. 10 Reasons why I love you

When things get bad, when you have a fight, he/she does something that pisses you off sometimes you may wonder “why do I put up with you?” “what do I see in him/her?” well this is how you find out and it actually works great for your relationship because it opens up the doors to communication.  Sit down, phones down and let eachother know 10 reasons you love eachother. 

Benefit-  1. It’s always nice to hear what others see in you because often you can’t see it in yourself 2. It creates open dialogue  and 3. when the bad days happen you can remember what you are fighting for.

Extra Challenge- Once you hit 10 keep going until you can’t think of any more reasons

My 10 reasons

  1. He is supportive
  2. He is loyal
  3. He is kind-hearted
  4. He puts my needs above his own
  5. He is funny
  6. He is great with my nieces
  7. He is a great kitty-dad
  8. He knows how to relax and have fun
  9. He knows me better than anyone else
  10. He is patient



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