Relationship Challenge #1

Week one of the relationship challenge will be about improving communication. Over the next 7 days I will be giving you a communication challenge, I will do a weekly summary next Tuesday after the 7th challenge before week two begins.

Challenge #1. Give up technology one night this week. 

Research has shown that technology has a negative effect on relationships so the first challenge is to give up technology of one night. Choose the night with your partner, place your phones, tablets, computers etc. out of sight so that you will not be tempted & do something together. Traditional technology such as television is ok in this challenge. Cook, play a game, watch a TV show whatever you want but no texting or social media checking during the period of time you decide on. 

Benefit- Without technology interfering you will be more present, in the moment and actually aware of your surroundings. You can pay attention to what you are doing with eachother instead of only being “half there” and distracted by every little ding.

Extra challenge- If you are feeling extra brave give up ALL technology, which means no twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, pinterest, snapchat, email, texting, netflix or television for 24 hours. This is called a “digital fast” – put all electronics in a drawer not to be opened for 24 hours and find other ways to amuse yourself that doesn’t include an over-reliance on technology. 


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