10 minutes a day- Day 31

Today is the final day of the 31 day organizational challenge. In the last month we have decluttered our homes, vehicles, garages & digital lives. Doesn’t it feel so much better now. If you missed the challenge CLICK HERE for the list of posts.  For our last day I will be going through the steps to pinterest organization.

what you will need

  • Access to pinterest
  • Clock/Phone- For ten minute timer

Steps to decluttering your pinterest

  • Set 10 minute timer
  • Go through your profile- If you see a board you are unsure of (turn it secret *your signal to yourself to sort through it later)
  • If you see any boards you no longer want or need- delete them
  • If you see any boards that can be merged – Move all items from one to the other & rename
  • Organize the order of your boards (if you are on a desktop) in a way that makes the most sense for you.

At a later date return to the secret boards and decide what you want to keep and what you want to delete.

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