10 minutes a day- Day 30

Today we are hitting the friend’s lists . Unfriending can actually be quite therapeutic, who doesn’t like a good friend’s list purge

what you will need

  • Access to your social media accounts
  • phone/ clock- for 10 minute timer

Steps to decluttering your friend’s list

  • Set timer
  • Unfriend
    • Do you know this person in real life?
      • if no- do you communicate with them on a regular basis
      • if no again- delete
    • Is this someone you only added because you spoke once in highschool?
      • if yes- delete
    • Do you somewhat remember this person but not really? Delete
    • Does this person share things that upset/annoy you?
      • If yes- Are they are really close friend or relative
      • If no – Delete

Remember the unfriend button is your friend 🙂

If you still have time remaining sort through your groups- any that you don’t interact with at least once a week can be left that way you have less notifications to deal with. 


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