10 minutes a day- Day 28

Today we are hitting the cyber world (for the last few days of the challenge) and to begin we are going to declutter your computer files.

what you will need

  •  your computer (laptop, desktop, tablet)
  • Flashdrive, external hard-drive (whatever you will use for storage)
  • Phone/clock- for 10 minute timer

Steps to decluttering your computer files

  • Choose your folders (mine are: Blog, Work,Personal, Games, Photos)
  • Create your sub-folders (mine are: Blog- Social media icons, Planning, printables; Work- Committee #1, Committee #2, Committee #3; Personal- Budget, meal plan, Schedule; Games- Jessica, Cory; Photos- *Folders are created by date)
  • Sort through all files on the computer:
    • Delete anything that does not serve a purpose
    • Save (on google drive, the cloud, flash-drive, external hard drive etc.) anything that is important but does not need to be on the hard drive itself
    • Organize all remaining items into the folders

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