10 minutes a day- Day 26

Today we are moving to the garage (if you do not have a garage or do not store your tools there that is fine too) For the next couple days we will be doing “garage decluttering” beginning today with the handy dandy tool box.

What you’ll need

  1. Notebook/pen- To create shopping list/ must have list
  2. Phone/Clock- To set 10 minute timer
  3. Garbage bag
  4. Donation box
  5. Tool box(es)

How to declutter your tool box

  1. Decide what tools you need. I created a printable list of must have tools (in my opinion) which is available for free by clicking HERE
  2. Set your timer for 10 minutes
  3. Sort through all your tools
    • If you have multiples of certain tools (and they are in good condition)- Donate (you don’t need 5 hammers)
    • Organize all smaller items (screws, nails, picture hangers) in some form of storage container (I use a tackle box)
    • Any broken tools= garbage
    • Replace all tools in box in an organized manner
  4. Make a list of other tools you need

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