10 minutes a day- Day 23

Today we are moving to the vehicle(s) to organize your glove compartment & center console. In my vehicle I have a specific list of items I keep in those two areas. In my glove compartment (which is very small because I have a jeep) I keep my drivers manual and my folder which holds my vehicle registration, insurance and inspection form. In my center console I keep a pen, A small notebook, Kleenex and an extra lighter. I do not keep a first aid kit in either of those places because I have one in my vehicle emergency kit which is in my trunk.

What you’ll need

  • Garbage bag
  • Clock/Phone- For 10 minute timer
  • Folder for important documents (optional)

Steps to decluttering your glove box & center console

  1. Set 10 minute timer
  2. Empty both areas completely
  3. Clean both areas thoroughly
  4. Throw out any garbage
  5. Make a pile of any items that belong somewhere else
  6. Return items to areas in an organized fashion (only items that belong there)

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